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ALLERGIES: They can be very disruptive to anyones life style. Allergies can bring tears to your eyes and loss of sleep. They occur when you least expect them and can be both seasonal or anytime.

Find out why Central Texas Allergy sufferers enjoy a natural allergy relief product proven to relieve their constant Texas Allergies. Enjoy this Natural Allergy Relief for yourself in your area.

This Natural Relief formula avoids many of the harms over the counter Allergy formulas may incur.
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More Than Just Seasonal

Seasonal allergies to many people just doesn't seem to be true. For most, if not the entire year, people (YOU?) suffer from one allergy to the next. Many times these seasonal allergies just overlap.

Our environment produces irritants that cause many allergic reactions. Below we have covered the major Texas allergies "Texas Allergy" was formulated to bring under control giving you more time to enjoy life and a lot less hugging of the "tissue box".

HAY FEVER - Light, airborne pollens are what most of us are sensitive too, causing our Hay Fever symptoms. And you are not alone as a hay fever sufferer. Over 26 million Americans suffer and almost 15 million Americans have asthma compounding the effects of these airborne pollens. Even the heavier pollens carried from plant to plant can affect us when we come in contact with certain plants.

Hay fever can be a year round effort looking for a solution. Grasses, trees, plants, the climate we live in, our own home are just some areas creating our problem. Avoiding what causes our allergic reactions is most often an impractical solution (i.e., moving). What we offer is a natural practical solution to your suffering.

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CEDAR Fever - Whether you call it Mountain Cedar Allergy or just Cedar Fever you should know the symptoms. Cedar Fever seasonally peaks from December through February. This Mountain Cedar allergy is caused by the member of the cypress-juniper (Cupressaceae) family, the Mountain Cedar, Juniperus ashei (also called Juniperus sabinoides or Juniperus mexicana). It grows naturally and is the most allergenic tree in Central Texas. The Mountain Cedar (MC) is an evergreen tree with grey-brown shredding bark, it grows to a maximum height of approximately 30 feet on the limestone plateaus of central Texas, and in smaller favorable areas of Texas, New Mexico, northern Mexico, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.

The tree has male and female plants. During the pollinating season (can run from October throgh May) the male plant releases its pollen. When any branch is disturbed this pollen will appear as smoke in the air.

Because we could never cut down all the cedar trees (considering many environmental concerns, i.e. erosion) our solution is to fine the best and natural means to aid and help eliminate the dreaded Cedar Fever. So enjoy the ever green beauty (as far away as possible) with our natural solution to your suffering.
MOLD Allergy - Spring to late fall is commonly view as the Mold Allergy season. Another mis-conception about this allergy is that molds will die off during the winter months. Some mold will grow even in sub-zero temperatures. But most become dormant. However, your mold allergy symptoms can continue during the winter months because of contitions in your home: damp basements, show and bath stalls, kitchen areas (i.e. drip trays), windows, and places that are damp for long periods of time.

Only a few dozen of the thousands of types of molds are significant allergens. Mold spores can easily become airborne and can be found almost anywhere. You can never rid yourself of all molds that create your allergic reactions. Therefore our natural allergy relief solution is Texas Allergy. The allergy relief comes in 250 tablets.

OAK ALLERGY - From February to late May, Oaks shed an enormous amount of pollens. For Oak Allergy suffers the peak for their symptoms is mid April. The oak pollen can cause anywhere from moderate to sever allergic reactions.

Oaks have a great diversity in leaf shapes, but are generally identified by their cupped fruit, the acorn, which is edible.

Oaks have both male and female flowers on the same tree, and frequently on the same branch, The southern states have a greater diversity of oaks; Texas has more than 40 species. In some regions oaks can acount for over 1/3 of the pollen data collected on any given day.

When outside, look around in a circle. You probably will see an oak tree. If not, than don't think you are safe. The pollen, on a windy day can travel for miles. And because the oak trees shed so much pollen, your cars, outdoor furniture, house roofs, etc. may take on a yellowish glow from the pollen. If you can't hide indoors to avoid this on slot to your oak allergy than here is our solution: a natural and practical solution - "Texas Allergy".

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